Communicating Equity & Healing Justice (CEHJ) Research Lab

We are here, first and foremost, to facilitate the intellectual growth of GMU students through experiential research opportunities and to increase students' sense of belongingness while at GMU. Our goal is for students to feel that research is accessible, sustainable, and impactful through training, mentorship, and purposeful civic engagement. While our student collaborators are diverse, providing research opportunities to underserved Black and Brown students is central to our efforts. We hope to serve as a pipeline for these students to obtain/complete their Masters and Ph.Ds to increase their representation in health-related disciplines. 

CEHJ Research Lab unpacks the burdens of intersectional oppressions and their contributions to health inequities and disparities among Black women using interdisciplinary and communication-related theories, frameworks, and approaches.
CEHJ's mission is:
  1. Meaningful engagement with faculty and students and other stakeholders 
  2. Translation of health research into prevention and intervention efforts 
  3. Promotion of health equity through sustainable community outreach 
  4. Fostering resilience through shared storytelling and advocacy

In particular, the CEHJ research lab primarily focuses on the investigation of the contributors to and mechanisms of racism, health risks, and resilience within the contexts of mental and reproductive health. This work includes correlated psychosocial factors and clinical outcomes. We are most interested in promoting Black women's agency, self-determination, and authenticity in health and within communities and societies through Black women's standpoint and intersectionality research. Our goal is to extend this research to the African Diaspora and immigrant populations. 

Our research informs the development of prevention and intervention efforts tailored to Black women's standpoints and intersectional identities. Our data is also used to assist health providers to improve access to healthcare and reduce health provider/client communication barriers for both providers and Black women.

The CEHJ Research Lab is committed to building community-based and interdisciplinary collaborations with diverse community members, faculty, and other stakeholders to better understand and promote Black women's health.