CEHJ Grants, Publications, and Presentations

Funded Grants (at GMU)


Examining tobacco/nicotine misinformation among Black women”

Funding Agency: Center for the Study of Tobacco Products, Virginia Commonwealth University

Role: PI (Jennifer R. Warren)


Pilot testing a survey to access racial stress and related factors among perinatal Black women

Funding Agency: George Mason University        

Role: PI (Jennifer R. Warren)

Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications (Student names underlined)

Riddick, B., Natarajan, S., Cobb, T., & Warren, J. R. (2022) Implications of the Strong Black Woman stereotype for maternal and perinatal health. Integrative Gynecology and Obstetrics Journal. 5(2), 1-2. DOI: 10.31038/IGOJ.2022521

Fields, E., Hopfer, S., Warren, J. R.., Natarajan, S. . . . Lebed, J. (2022) Underserved women’s HPV vaccine narratives: Individual and structural motivators and barriers. Vaccines.

Warren, J. R. (2021). A retrospective quasi-qualitative synthesis of the literature to identify and evaluate communication processes in community-campus partnerships to address health disparities. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice14(3), 1.

Warren, J. R. (2020). COVID-19: An epidemiological and empirical investigation of Non-Hispanic Black American seniors and low-income congregate housing. International Journal of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. 3(1), 141-149.

Warren, J. R., Kurlander, L., Suaray, M., & Onigbanjo-Williams, A. (2020). ‘We have a role to play:’American Sierra Leoneans communicating the impact of the Ebola virus locally and across the diaspora. Public Health185, 270-274.

Warren, J. R. & White, B. M. (2020). A translational science approach to community-based participatory research using methodological triangulation. Journal of Public Health, 1-12.

White, B. M., Rochell, J., Warren, J. R. (2019) Promoting cardiovascular health for African American women: An integrative review of Journal of Women’s Health, DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2018.7580.

Warren, J. R. & White, B. M. (2018) Rationale, design and methods of “Set the Rules”: a tailored peer-to-peer health information International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,15(11), 2391.

Williams, A. O., Warren, J. R., Kurlander, L & Suaray, M. (2018) Critical communications: A retrospective look at the use of social media among American Sierra Leoneans during the Ebola Outbreak. Journal of Social Media and Society, (7)1, 366-380.

Most Recent Competitive Conference Presentations (Student names underlined)

Warren, J. R. (Upcoming). The strong Black woman stereotype and poor birth outcomes among Black Women: Implications for reproductive health. Oral. 2022 2nd International Conference on Gynecology & Obstetrics, Dubai, UAE.

Warren, J. R. (Upcoming). Demarginalizing the role of internalized racism within health communication. Oral. Public Health/Communication, 2022 American Public Health Association, Boston, MA.

Warren, J. R. Public housing and seniors: An incongruent match for COVID-19. Oral. 2021 Black Summit Conference, Denver, CO.

Warren, J. R. Health self-advocacy. Oral/Workshop. 2021 Black Summit Conference, Denver, CO.

Warren, J. R. & White, B. M. Ideology of Oppression and its impact on cardiovascular health among African American women living in public Oral. 2020 American Public Health Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA.

Rochel, J., Walker, L., Sullivan, A., Smith, I., Brigham, L, James, C., Warren, J. R., White, B. M. “Perceptions of healthy eating to promote heart health among Black women living in public housing: A Pilot Study. 2020 American Public Health Annual Conference. Poster. San Francisco, CA

Rochel, J, Walker, T., Rochel, J., Sullivan, A., James, C, Brunson, J.,Warren, J. R., White, B. M. Barriers to physical inactivity among Black women in public housing. 2020 American Public Health Annual Conference. Poster. San Francisco, CA.

White, B. M., Rochel, J., Warren, J. R. Strategies used to tailor cardiovascular risk reduction programs for African American women: An integrative review. Roundtable. 2019 American Public Health Annual Conference, Philadelphia,

Warren, J. R. White, B. M. Brunson, J. Public Housing Health: A pilot survey of African American senior health and those seniors living with disabilities (categorized by smoking status). Poster. Upcoming 2019 American Public Health Annual Conference. Washington, DC.

Rochell J, White B, M., Warren J. R. Sex differences in the social determinants of health among seniors and people with disabilities living in public housing. Poster. April 2019, Kentucky Public Health Association Annual Meeting; Covington,