African and African American Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lost and Found Stories Project: Blacks in Virginia Archival Project

Lost and Found Stories Project: Blacks in Virginia Archival and Research Project: This initiative enables students, faculty, and staff to engage in research in their "community" by learning more about the history and culture of African Americans in Northern Virginia. It provides opportunities to participate in the collection of oral history, papers, memorabilia, and artifacts related to African Americans in Northern Virginia.

A series of workshops on preserving and conserving African American history and culture, with hands-on instruction, will be held in the Paul Robeson Room throughout the academic year. This project requires collaborative work with George Mason library staff, community leaders and churches in developing a collection of rare documents and memorabilia for the Mason archives. These items will be used by faculty and students throughout the Washington Research Library Consortium.

A long-term goal is to develop a CD-ROM, website, and a booklet on the archives and other holdings of African American material in Northern Virginia. Additionally, the center will house other archival records, resources, and artifacts. These resources extend beyond the Northern Virginia area and can also be accessed through the Mason archives. Faculty, staff, and students interested in working on this project should contact the AAAS director.

For information and upcoming events, check out the events page, or contact AAAS Associate Director, Mika'il A. Petin via email ( or by telephone (703-993-4080).

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