Through this experience, students will:

  • apply knowledge learned in the classroom in an employment setting;
  • examine the dynamics of race, class, gender and ethnicity in the United States;
  • develop critical, analytical and “hands-on” approaches to addressing contemporary issues in African American life;
  • develop creative scholarship and action research;
  • learn new constructive ways of thinking about race, culture and representation.

Interns can earn up to 6 academic credit hours. Hour requirement is based on the number of credit hours the student chooses to earn. Students eligible to participate must be juniors or seniors with at least a 3.0 GPA. Interns must complete the following requirements:

  • work up to 300 hours on-site during a minimum eight-week period;
  • complete a 20-page paper discussing the internship project, related research on the organization, and work completed on-site;
  • an oral presentation.

It is the responsibility of each student to locate an appropriate internship and to make arrangements with the site. The position may be a formally designated internship, in a corporate setting or within a community service organization, or opportunities within the student’s own circle of contacts. Students may be assisted in locating a placement by either GMU Career Services office or by the AFAM internship coordinator.

For more information on the AFAM Internship Program and exciting placement opportunities, please contact Michelle A.Smith-Bermiss, Associate Director for Community Affairs And Outreach at 703.993.2905.