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  • Benedict Carton

    Benedict Carton

    Robert T. Hawkes Professor of History

    Africa, environment and health, global and imperial histories, cultural and oral history

  • Rose M Cherubin

    Rose M Cherubin

    Associate Professor

    Ancient philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, African American philosophy

  • Keith Clark

    Keith Clark


  • Kevin A Clark

    Kevin A Clark


    Diversity in educational media, broadening participation in STEM, Learning Technologies

  • Spencer Crew

    Spencer Crew

    Robinson Professor


  • Rutledge M Dennis

    Rutledge M Dennis


    Sociology of ideas, theoretical sociology, political sociology, race and ethnic studies, urban communities, the sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois

  • Charlene Y Douglas

    Charlene Y Douglas

    Associate Professor


  • Cynthia Fuchs

    Cynthia Fuchs

    Associate Professor

    Documentary, television, social media, war movies, sports media, black popular cultures, LGBTQ media, horror, action, and science fiction movies and TV, gender and sexuality


  • Mark C Hopson

    Mark C Hopson


    Associate Professor

    Intercultural/Interracial Communication & Rhetoric


  • Yevette Richards Jordan

    Yevette Richards Jordan

    Associate Professor

    Women’s history, African American history, women’s labor in the global economy, labor history, Pan-Africanism, Cold War


  • Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Associate Professor

    Race, gender, the African American experience, and the history of black women in the Atlantic World

  • Hazel M McFerson

    Hazel M McFerson


    Gender, Conflict, Development in Nonwestern Societies, Governance, Conflict and Development in Nonwestern Societies, Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations, Political Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Tony Roshan Samara

    Tony Roshan Samara


    race, ethnicity and nationalism, globalization, urban studies and international development and security.

  • Earl Smith

    Earl Smith

    Adjunct Faculty

    Social Stratification. Crime. Sociology of Sport

  • Suzanne E. Smith

    Suzanne E. Smith


    African American, 20th century Cultural History, History of Death in America, American Popular Music, African American Religious History

  • Thomas T Stanley

    Thomas T Stanley

    Assistant Professor

    Emerging musical cultures. Sound and sensibility in the service of noetic (r)evolution. AfroFuturism as an organizational stratagem.


  • Toni-Michelle C Travis

    Toni-Michelle C Travis


    American government on the racial/gender dimensions in elections, Virginia Politics, urban politics


  • Stefan Wheelock

    Stefan Wheelock

    Associate Professor

    late eighteenth century/early nineteenth century black antislavery writing with a particular emphasis on slave narrative autobiography, early black polemic, and their contributions to Atlantic political and intellectual currencies